Goal Setting

How true it is that knowledge is indeed a compass, but only of its own as it offers no direction until you’ve pointed it at a specific set of coordinates. At 50, I’ve finally come to a profound realization. Had I embraced the notion long ago that setting a goal was a promissory note to quality time spent in total control of my journey, tens of thousands of miles wouldn’t have been necessitated by not being able to count a single one that I’d travelled.

Remembering much of my life as one of drifting without the discipline to successfully lodge an anchor into the shoreline, my perspective simply tagged each familiar dawn with another today that looked much like yesterday. It was a daily routine unquestionably void of purpose or ambition, and one anchored in my naïve belief that (what wasn’t going to matter tomorrow) I would somehow simply leave for the day. As they turned into years, the cumulative effect became to discover myself bankrupt of security, devoid of fulfilment and hopelessly resigned to live out the remainder of my days meandering my way through a dead-end.

But in the midst of every shadow, a beam of light engulfs. One that would teach that it’s never too late to breathe life into broken dreams, to erase the residency of hopelessness and to alter the paralysis from failed inertia. Meeting that first sunrise with a different resolve in my soul, I did in fact set not a single goal but publicly vowed to angrily pursue every foolish dream in demand of my complete attention.

With the yesterdays of squandered time a part of every setting sun, their added voice is to simply confirm that we are the instruments of our own resurrection.

May my story serve note to the power of purposeful struggle through each goal set, and light an extra flame for those just as angered by the reign of despair, and who refuse to be told of its permission to live in their tomorrows.

With every goal we set, we make public the depth of our commitment to a life full of purpose, passion and without boundaries.

It is during the pursuit of our dreams that we come alive, realizing our resilience and carving out a legacy that is worthy of remembrance. Let us not waste the precious time we have been given, but rather, let us each day seize every second in order to shape our desired destinies and to leave our mark upon a world that is in desperate need of our truest selves. I apologize for frequently emphasizing the phrase ’50 years,’ over and over but it stems from a profound awareness of the irreplaceable value embedded in those lost years. Half a century is a significant expanse of time, not to be taken lightly. It represents a period during which I inadvertently sacrificed the joy of my family. Consequently, I implore you to grasp the significance of time, urging you to establish attainable goals in life and appreciate the preciousness of each moment.

Goal setting is as important in life as creating a map when you are lost. It gives us direction, purpose, and a vision of where you want to go. Whether it’s in life or in your career, setting out to achieve goals can be a powerful tool to help you grow, fuel ambition, and bring your inspired imagination to life.

The challenge for you is to define the distance between your present situation and the objectives you want to achieve Hi there, I’m Amithab Barua, and today I want to walk you through the process of making an action plan to reach your goals. Though everyone has goals, some seem to achieve them significantly quicker than others. This is because those who achieve objectives more quickly than the typical person are those that follow a methodical, tested approach to developing and achieving goals. Simply said, you need a workable action plan. Determining your precise goals is the first stage in developing an action plan.

Rather than hazy goals like more money, greater health and happiness, clarity is the most crucial single quality of goal formulation and maybe the most significant single quality of achievement. Be precise about the amount of money you want to make in a certain amount of time or the weight or degree of health and fitness you want. To function like a well-oiled goal setting system, you must define multi-dimensional goals for every aspect of your life.

Achieving specific goals for your health, work, money, relationships, community, and spiritual development as well as your personal and professional progress. This will instantly set you apart from the majority of individuals since most of them are unable to define clear, specific goals since they are unconsciously focused with the fear of failing. One of the main causes of failure is not having clear, specified goals since they are so ambiguous. Just 3%-5% of adults have written goals; everyone else intends to do so at some point of their life.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Power of Purposeful Goal Setting is what I learned in my entire five decades of life and ‘The Three Goal Technique’ which can be started in less than thirty seconds with a piece of paper, a pen, and a few minutes of your time. When you actually write a goal down, it’s as if you are programming it into your subconscious mind and activating a whole series of mental powers that will enable you to accomplish much more than you ever imagined. Quickly list your three most important goals in life right now. Whatever three goals you managed to write down is probably an accurate picture of what you really want in life. Expecting to reach the objective, you start to draw people and situations into your life that support reaching it.

Declaring a deadline is the third and most important stage. Make multiple sub-deadlines out of bigger goals. Think through your next steps should you miss these deadlines, and set up backup plans.

Targeting a date is critical. Your subconscious mind is strongly encouraged to keep on course by a deadline. Whatever your goal—financial independence or any other major turning point—remember that a deadline is only a guess. Either it will take longer to attain your goal or it will happen sooner. Persistence and flexibility are the keys.

Do you think deadlines can never be met? Actually, there are just seeming impossible deadlines, not unachievable goals. Breaking down your 10- or 20-year goal into doable yearly goals will help you succeed financially.

Making a good action plan starts with outlining every step needed to reach your objective. Although the intricacies can sometimes seem daunting, knowing these chores ahead of time will enable you to better foresee and handle obstacles.

Next, outline the difficulties you might face. Determine the skills and knowledge you need, and identify the people you need to collaborate with. A detailed, comprehensive list will not only clarify your path but also strengthen your commitment and belief in achieving your goal.

Sort and rank your chores. With this approach, you may decide what has to be done first and maintain your attention on the most critical things. Update your list often when fresh thoughts and deeds come to pass. Remember, 20% of efforts produce 80% of results. Similarly, 80% of the necessary work and achievement depends on the first 20% of time spent organizing and planning your goal.

Embrace this structured approach, and watch as your once impossible goals become attainable realities.

Now that you have this extensive list, include it into a thorough strategy. Plan each day, each week, and each month in detail. Better still is to arrange your activities and assignments as carefully and comprehensively as possible. Plan each month starting on the first, each week the weekend before, and each day the evening before.

The theory is that every minute you spend planning saves you ten minutes when you carry it out. Find your main goal for the day first. The 80/20 rule can help you prioritise: decide which task, if you could only do one, would be the best use of your time. Give this the number 1. The second most worthwhile activity should then be chosen and given the number 2. Till you have an action plan with the top 20% of your chores ranked and sequenced, keep going through this procedure. This technique guarantees that you concentrate on the most important activities, which increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts.

The next phase is to act, monitor your development, and make necessary modifications to ensure that you are making daily progress towards the life you truly desire.

If this post has been helpful to you in achieving your goals more quickly and you have liked it, do forward it to your friends or anybody else who might find it useful. I would eagerly like to hear from you. If you post a comment below, I’ll make sure to follow up with you.

Stay focused and all the best!


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