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The Heartfelt Story of a Son’s Tribute Through Football

Heartfelt Story

There was a unique bond between the youngster and his dad. Even if his son was the tiniest in the class and had never participated in a game, the father never stopped encouraging him. The youngster never lost up on his desire to play football and never missed a session or a game.

The son tested out as a “walk-on” for the football squad at college. Though everyone was certain he wuld not, he did. He constantly gave practice his all, thus the coach retained him on the squad.

Over his four years of college, the son never missed a practice, but he never got to play in a game. And then his father passed away the day of the major playoff game. Though devastated, the son chose to participate in the game to commemorate his father.

Playing the game of his life was the son. He tackled like a star, sprinted, passed, and blocked. In addition to helping his team win, he was awarded MVP [ Most Valuable Player ].

The Coach enquired of the son after the game what had motivated him to do so brilliantly. The son told the coach he had wanted to prove to his father that he could do it because his father had been blind.

The lesson of this story is that, if you never give up on your goals, anything is feasible. It serves as a reminder as well tat any barrier may be surmounted by love. The tiniest person can have a significant influence.

Ultimately, the narrative above can teach us the following lessons:

  • The potency of support. An encouraging word can change our life dramatically. We are more prone to succeed if we have someone who supports and believes in us. Even as the son was the tiniest in theclass and had never participated in a game, his father never stopped encouraging him. This support provided the son the will to persevere amid trying circumstances.
  • The strength of resolve. Successfulness is mostly determined. No matter how many times we fall short along the road, if we are committed to achieving our objectives, we will succeed in due course. The boy persisted in wanting to play football. Every day he practiced assiduously, and he never missed a game. When he eventually arned the opportunity to participate in the pivotal playoff game, his perseverance paid off.
  • The power of Love. Honoring his father, the son played the game of his life. His father needed to see that he could succeed, and he did. This tale serves as a constant reminder that love has the ability to get over any barrier. We are limitless if we are fighting for something or someone we love.
  • Dreams never die. Never give up on your dreams no matter how hard things may seem. Your goals will be finally attained if you never give up and keep working hard.

These further sayings might motivate others as well:

  • The only way to do great work is to love what you do- Steven Jobs
  • That little more is what makes ordinary different from remarkable – Jimmy Johnson
  • Keep going for the things you truly want to do. Big dreams are more potent than facts alone – Albert Einstein



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